How to Plan a Wedding

Deciding a Wedding Theme


Many modern weddings have a theme, but at least minimal decoration is part of the expectation. While those who have dreamed of a wedding on the beach might not be able to accomplish it, they can add it as part of their décor for the reception. Couples who would rather opt for a more traditional party can avoid some of the work and stress that comes with a themed wedding, but there will still be decisions to make.

Plans involving the reception are many, and they should be settled well before the wedding. It could be a good idea to have contingency plans if friends and family will be providing some of the food or entertainment, but that is generally no necessary if the couple chooses professionals for those services. Caterers are often good about helping their clients with making the right choices for their special day, and they usually offer tastings so the couple knows ahead of time what they will be getting.

Entertainment is generally an important part of the reception, and hiring a good band or DJ with experience is important. They will be able to guide the couple through the steps they want to take during the event, and they can make helpful suggestions for a smoother celebration. Their job is to make musical suggestions that will ensure all the guests find music they can enjoy, but they are generally instrumental in helping to ensure the couple is introduced as they arrive, their special dances are included and they can even announce special events like the tossing of the bouquet.

Counting on friends and family for a big event like a wedding might seem like a way to celebrate, but they are often amateurs with little or no experience. Choosing professionals like wedding makeup artists is often more expensive, but they can provide guidance along with their services that will make this special day run on a smooth and even keel.