Starting the Plans

Getting engaged is an obvious first step in the need to plan a wedding, but many couples today take their time with announcing their intentions. They often do it so they will have some breathing room together before family and friends begin trying to influence them on how their special day should be accomplished. For those who are ready to announce their engagement, it is time for the serious planning to begin.

Choosing a specific date can be part of the engagement announcement, but it should be a tentative one. The plans can be thrown into chaos if the church the couple wants is not available, or they might need to rethink their date if they select a honeymoon destination and find there is no possibility of getting reservations. Halls for the reception are often booked far in advance, so that might also become a factor in nailing down the date they want.

The size of the wedding will be a fairly influential part of their planning, and families often have a say. They might want to invite a large number of guests, and they can be distant relatives or even old friends. The couple could prefer to have a smaller event, and this is where their negotiation skills as a couple will be important for their big day. Knowing how to limit the number of invitees should be something they discuss before approaching this part of the overall plan, and choosing tactful ways to say no could be the best way for them to handle it.

It might take months before the two of them will have their guest list complete, and they will then have to contact the church where they hope to be married. If they can secure it for the date they want, the hunt will then begin for their reception venue. All of this will take time, but online searches can help them as they dive into the details.